Daycare Coaching can help you to identify and solve common problems in your daycare that will lead to less hassle, and greater job satisfaction. From policies and contracts, to inter-personal skills, coaching can enhance your business and bottom line.  


Daycare Coaching can assist you in behaviour and developmental milestone management with regard to group care. Group care can be a positive,  rewarding experience for the children and provider if techniques and modifications are employed. 

Welcome Home!

Welcome to Daycare Coaching! I'm Melissa. Some of you might know me by my online persona as Judy Trickett or my blog located at I am the owner and coach here at  Daycare Coaching. It is my mission, as a daycare provider, to inspire and educate other providers with regard to their home daycare business. I noticed, through my internet presence on forums and blogs, that many home daycare providers face the same problems throughout  their daycare careers. As women, we are often hesitant to be assertive or demand to be valued for what we offer to the children in our care each and every day. I am here to guide every home daycare provider through both the keys to a successful business-model, and personal enrichment of the 'self' so every provider can thrive. 

Every provider needs a venue or mentor to help them along the way who is willing to tell them what they need to hear versus what they want to hear. In short,  Daycare Coaching is like home - a place where you feel comfortable to learn and ask questions without fear of judgment, from someone who understands the truth about being self-employed as a home daycare provider. 

Welcome home! 

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